Titanium Trouble: iPhone 15 Pro Max Snaps in Half During Bend Test

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Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, which boasts a titanium design, a 48MP main camera, and a A17 Pro chip, is supposed to be the most advanced and durable smartphone ever. However, a shocking video posted by a popular YouTuber has revealed that the device is not as strong as it claims to be. The video, uploaded by JerryRigEverything, shows him performing various tests on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, including scratching, burning, and bending. While the phone survives the scratch and burn tests with minimal damage, it fails miserably in the bend test. In the video, JerryRigEverything applies pressure on both ends of the phone with his bare hands, and to his surprise, the phone bends and cracks in the middle. He then flips the phone over and tries to bend it back, but only succeeds in breaking it further. The screen shatters, the camera module pops out, and the titanium frame splits apart. JerryRigEverything says that he has never seen an iPhone bend so easily before, and speculates that the titan

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