MLTR live in Denmark April 2024

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13 апр. 2024 г. MLTR live in Denmark April 2024 With a global record sale of 11 million physical albums since the debut album in 1991, more than a billion paid downloads, estimated 200 million video views on YouTube and more than 300 million streams on Spotify, the Michael Learns To Rock story is not only one of the most successful to ever come out of Denmark, but also a story of an exception: their way to success has never been about scandals, divorce, drugs or any extreme way of living. It has always been about the music! The secret about Michael Learns To Rock is simply their incredible gift to write, record and play great pop songs and get them through to people all over the world. Michael Learns To Rock was formed in the spring of 1988 by singer and keyboard player JASCHA RICHTER (born 1963), drummer KÅRE WANSCHER (born 1969), guitarist MIKKEL LENTZ (born 1968) and bassist SØREN MADSEN (born 1967). In that summer the band won a local talent competition and started out on a nearly-two-years-long tour around Denmark. Playing wherever possible, winning an ever-growing audience and having both talent and musical skills, the songs sharpened along the way. After months of hard work in the studio, the band released their self-titled debut album in September 1991. Among the fine songs on the album is the smash hit “The Actor” that got wall-to-wall airplay from Danish radio stations and helped the album reach the top of the Danish sales chart in January 1992. Later that year “The Actor” went #1 on the charts in Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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