Led Zeppelin Celebration Day -Stairway to Heaven

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In 2007, a benefit concert to commemorate the life of music executive Ahmet Ertegun was staged with a reunited Led Zeppelin as the main act. They played several of their most famous songs to an enthusiastic crowd and coordinating a professional recording of the show[2] with 16 cameras,[3] with the prospect of a home video release. Rumors immediately circulated that the recording would become available, but the following year, band member Jimmy Page said that release wasn't certain and that it required mixing and would be a “massive job to embark on.“[4] Bassist John Paul Jones agreed that he would like to see it released commercially, but that there was no timeline.[5] Even through 2010, Page was uncertain of the status of the album.[6] On 9 September 2012, the band updated their Facebook page, which led to widespread speculation that the release was finally ready.[7] Details leaked over the following days, with a source telling The Sun on 11 September that the album was due for release later th

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