Отава Ё Сумецкая (русские частушки под драку) Otava Yo - russian couplets while fighting

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Пятый официальный видеоклип фолк-группы Отава Ё. The Translation of lyrics for english speakers is below! купить песню в itunes: купить на других платформах: скачать песню: Официальная группа вконтакте: Facebook: Клип “Сумецкая“ на первом месте в Европейском чарте видеоклипов World Music - Подробности про клип ниже: Режиссёры –Алексей Белкин и Всеволод Алёхин Сценарий – Алексей Белкин, Всеволод Алёхин () . Оператор – Даниил Мороз. Postproduction – студия Алёхина. Звукорежиссёр шумов и эффектов - Пётр Мовсин Продюсер – Алексей Белкин. При участии артели русского кулачного боя “Буза“ (Череповец и Санкт-Петербург). Бузники: Денис Антипов Иван Овтин Владимир Кобелев Илья Копылов Владимир Матросов Фёдор Низамутдинов Андрей Иевлев Максим Султанов Снято в августе-сентябре 2014 года. Сайт группы: Otava Yo - Sumetckaya (russian couplets for village fighting) This video was shot in August-September 2014. Director - Alexey Belkin and Vsevolod Aljokhin Cinematographer - Daniil Moroz Script - Alexey Belkin and Vsevolod Aljokhin Postproduction - Vsevolod Aljokhin Soundengineer of effects - Pjotr Movsin Producer - Alexey Belkin With support of russian team “Buza“. Official homepage of group: For english speakers - here is the translation of lyrics: Sumetckaya Who is riding? Who is riding? Look, who is riding? These are our skobari riding on a lamemare. Skobari are funny people, They come home from the fair - Some are unclothed,some are bare, Some are head broken. Do your best and Play me funny “Skobar“, Oh make me feel good, so the belly doesn’t ache, Oh have mercy on me, sinner. Do your best and play so good, So that legs are kicking, And so that snotty punks Wouldn’t jump around. I want to prance, I want to hoof it, But frankly speaking, I want to come to blows Who is that lad, Hopping and dancing, He’d better watch out For an aspen log. I was going for a whoopee, My daddy tossed me a nickel, My mommy whispered: “Don’t get wasted, you little fool!”. I was born reckless, I don’t cherish anything, If my head is chopped off, I will tie a log instead. I am braking, I am bending. I will say I’m feeling sick, You’d bring me half-a-litter, I need no doctors anymore. If you tell us we are drunkards, You can go and bite me, We’ve been drinking on our own money, We got no alms from anyone. They’ve been beating me, Trying to punch me in the eye, Instead they hit me in the shoulder, So I am standing laughing out loud. I can’t be upset anymore, I can’t weep any longer, Give me some time to be joyful and have fun. My girlfriend has braids down to her waist, We’ve been fighting with my friend for these very braids. You my friend, you proud eagle, See what you’ve done to me, You have brought me to the dark forest, You have brought me to the prison. We’ve been playing, We’ve been fighting, Now we have to sit behind iron bars, And see the freedom far away. The prison of Petrograd, The one with curvy stairs, We’ve been locked up with my friend, We’ve been singing songs with him. Play, my friend, and I will be singing, So that my belly wouldn’t ache, Let the people judge us, Let’s get merry behind bars.

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