JESSICA() - Get it Got it Good (Feat. Amber Liu) Music Video

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Music Video of Jessica’s “Get it? Got it? Good (Feat. Amber Liu)” Subscribe to the Coridel Entertainment Youtube channel for new releases. Copyrights 2023 ⓒ Coridel Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to prosecution. Production | AEDIASTUDIO (@aediastudio) Director | Jihoon Shin (@_some_of_us) Executive Producer | AWKPAK (@awkpak) Producer | Eunhye Tak @eunhye_tak (@eunhye_tak) Creative Manager | Yeeun Yim (@plvmeq) Assistant Director | Seungho Cho Production Assistants | Jiwon Choi, Jinwoo Jeong Director of Photography | Jay Fang (@jayfang_) 1st AC | Woochul Park (@parkwoochul) 2nd AC | Hyungjun Kang Gaffer | Seokwon Yun (@seokwonyun28) 1st AC | Banseog Yeom 2nd AC | Youyoung Sim 3rd AC | Haemin Bae, Kangto Kim Editor | Jihoon Shin Colorist | Jihoon Shin Styling | 황초롱 @Team AL ro Make-up | 최 란 Hair | 조윤세 Choreography Direction | 강은주, 이은솔 (@AURA), 김진욱 (@team same) CD | Donggeon Seo (@seographer) Lyrics, Composed and Arranged by Arineh Karimi, Christian Fast, Rasmus Palmgren Background Vocals Performed by Jessica, Arineh Karimi All instruments & programming by Rasmus Palmgren Mixed by JaeYeon Kim at ICONIC Studio Original Publisher: Fast Cut Music Publishing, Cosmos Music Publishing, EKKO Music Rights Europe (powered by CTGA) Sub Pubisher: ICONICSOUNDS, Sony Music Publishing, Music Cube Follow us for up-to-date news and official announcements. Instagram - Twitter - Weibo - Official Website -

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