Kralie Elizabeth - Marilyn Monroe - 1956

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ROYAL FILM PERFORMANCE Her Majesty meets stars of several countries on biggest night of cinematograph year. 29th October 1956 Empire, England: GV Sign saying Royal Film Premiere night. GV Crowds outside the Empire Leicester Square. GV Crowds and taxis pulling up outside entrance. SV Pan Victor Mature waving to crowds and entering building, SV INT Marilyn Monroe arrives with her husband into CU. SV John Gregson start of the film about to go upstairs with his wife. CU Bridget Bardot, SV PAN Norman Wisdom with his wife mounting the stairs into a CU. GV INT Looking along the vestible where stars and others are gathered awaiting the queen. SV Anita Eckberg and Anthony Steel talking, CU Peter Finch a Star of the film. SCU Admiral Perry and Admiral Woodhouse talking together, SCU Joint director Producer of the film Mr. Michael Powell and his wife. GV Queen arriving in the foyer shakes hands with Mr. R. Bromhead and then with J. Arthur Rank Mr. C Goldsmith and Sir Philip Water, SCU PAN Queen and Princess Margaret

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