Blender Photogrammetry: Repairing Holes & Fix Bad Meshes in Photo-Scan Models

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Welcome to my most recent Blender Photogrammetry tutorial! I'll show you how to fix holes and repairing bad meshes in photo-scanned models in this video. Photogrammetry is used to produce 3D models from images, but occasionally the finished product may have holes or other errors that need to be repaired. In this tutorial, we'll use Blender, a well-known 3D modelling programme, to fix these issues and produce a top-notch 3D model from a photo-scan. Now, we'll import our photo-scan model into Blender and check for any holes or broken meshes. The model will then be repaired and a clear, smooth surface will be produced using a variety of methods and tools, including filling, the knife tool, sculpting brushes and much more. Join us for this Blender Photogrammetry tutorial to discover how to fix holes and defective meshes in your 3D models if you want to enhance the quality of your photo-scanned models. To get more tutorials on Blender and other 3D modelling applications, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. If you would like to support me on this channel, then please consider buying the model from this tutorial: CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL 0:00 Intro 0:24 Importing Photo-Scan (Meshroom) 0:55 Rotating Model 2:05 Examining Model 2:24 Cleaning up Photogrammetry Model 4:54 Exporting Model to Instant Meshes 8:14 Re-import Instant Mesh model into Blender 9:50 Remove & Clean Low-Poly Mesh 12:02 Repairing Holes in Mesh 15:55 Unwrap Low-Poly Model 21:34 Adding a Shader 22:06 Baking the Textures 24:36 Connecting the Baked Textures 26:16 Improve Repairs With Sculpting 28:48 Repairing Holes in Textures 32:13 Smoothing the Edges 35:53 Setting the Origin Point

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