Macrame Pattern DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial - Nautical "Anchor"

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#macramepattern #macramediy #macrametutorial This video is for people who already know how to make the basic knots of Macrame. If you need to learn those first, check out my tutorial video on the basics. You only need: 5mm cord cut into 12 pcs at 8 feet (243cm) long 1) Make a circle with the inner 12 strings. You can style it however you like. 2) Make 1 square knot from the middle. 3) Create 4 horizontal double half hitch knots both directions. 4) Create 7 more square knots. 5) From the outside, at about 5th knot down level, create a curved line to the center with double half hitch knots on both sides. 6) Skip 6 strings and do the same right below that line. 7) Starting from the outside again, repeat once more to close it and finish it. Don't forget to subscribe and click the notification bell to see more of my videos as they come out!

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