Every Mirko Cro Cop Finish Ever!!

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Welcome to Ultimate MMA, where we bring you the best of the UFC and MMA. Today, we're taking a look at all the KO, TKO, and submission victories from heavyweight legend Mirko Cro Cop. This includes his time in PRIDE and the UFC. Subscribe to get all our latest content ► In this video we cover the ko highlights from Mirko Cro Cop's career. This includes his time in PRIDE and the UFC. We feature his fights against Fedor Emelianenko, Igor Vovchanchyn, Wanderlei Silva, Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Pat Barry, Heath Herring, Ron Waterman and Shungo Oyama. If you like these head kicks be sure to SUBSCRIBE and check back every week for more Ultimate MMA! Welcome to Ultimate MMA, we are here to share the best the UFC and MMA have to offer. The world of professional mixed martial arts is exciting and we brake it all down to give you the highlights you want to see. CHAPTERS: 0:00 Intro 0:11 Cro Cop vs Emelianenko 0:27 Cro Cop vs Vovchanchyn 0:55 Cro Cop vs Silva 1:33 Cro Cop vs Rodriguez 1:47 Cro Cop vs Yamamoto 2:34 Cro Cop vs Barry 3:53 Cro Cop vs Oyama 4:30 Cro Cop vs Sanchez 5:04 Cro Cop vs Minowa 5:44 Cro Cop vs Waterman 6:31 Cro Cop vs Herring 6:59 Cro Cop vs Gonzaga 7:59 Cro Cop vs Yoshida 8:50 Cro Cop vs Barnett 9:36 Cro Cop vs Al-Turk #UFC #MMA #mirkocrocop

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