Best of Supercars Batch at Festival of Speed 2023: Revuelto, 750S, Utopia, DB12, 992 GT3 RS, KC23!

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During the Goodwood Festival of Speed one of the many groups of cars you can see in action up the hillclimb course is the one called “The Supercar Paddock“. It's not composed exclusively by supercars and hypercars but also new road legal cars, concepts, track-only toys and first glance vehicles. I renamed the 2023 batch the 'Spaceships Batch'' due to the presence of some vehicles that never I'd have imagined to see in action one day, if not in a sci-fi movie or in some racing games. These where the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro, the Bugatti Bolide and the McLaren Solus GT. To which the two road-legal Valkyries (Coupè and Spider) and the Mercedes-AMG One must certainly be added too. Among the freshly unveiled cars there was the beautiful Singer DLS Turbo, the Ferrari KC23, the new Lamborghini Revuelto, the McLaren 750S and the Aston Martin DB12. Very cool also seeing the road-legal Zonda Revolucion and the McLaren P1 Spider, both made by Lanzante. Also Mercedes

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