Ekskavatör Kepçe Simülatörü 3D - İnşaat Simülatörü // Excavator Simulator 3D Android Gameplay FHD

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Hergün sizler için derlediğimiz oyunları kaçırmadan izlemek için kanalımıza bone olmayı unutmayın. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ♥ Abone ol // ♥ Subscribe : ♥ Oyunu indir // ♥ Download : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diğer oyunlarımızı; Otobüs Oyunları Listesi : Polis Oyunları Listesi : Araba Park Etme Oyunları Listesi : Forza Horizon 4 Oyunları Listesi : Bütün Araba Oyunları Listesi : Minibüs Oyunları Listesi : Araba Oyunları Listesi : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yetişkinler ve çocuklar için özel geliştirilmiş arabalar ile ilgili eğlenceli ve aksiyon dolu Oyun videoları bulabileceğiniz tek kanaldır. Bu kanalda Süper güçlü yarış arabaları, klasik arabalar, ambulans ve polis arabalarının da içinde bulunduğu aksiyon ve bol eğlenceli videolarmızı gönül rahatlığıyla izleyebilir ve çocuklarınıza izletebilirsiniz. İyi seyirler. ArabaMatik ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OYUN HAKKINDA Excavator simulator is free game you can download and play it at your android devices. Here in excavator 2019 you are going to get the full package of excavator forestry work. You are going to have heavy duty work and as well as the rocks crane fun. This is the right time to be the part of gigantic crane construction and enjoy the ride of loader truck and excavator trucks. Dumper truck is also there you can enjoy its driving physics as well. In mud excavator you are going to enjoy the realistic 3d-graphics and smooth controls of the sand loader excavator. Excavator games have the different types of machinery just use them and enjoy the construction simulator mania while completing the excavator tasks. You are going to enjoy the environment of mountain adventure and the thrilling excavator tasks. Let us assure you that the unique excavator game because it is full of challenging tasks of snow blower excavator. Different types of excavators are given in professional excavator work you have to follow the instruction to complete the assigned missions in. In the first level of mega crew you have to dig the marked area. There are trees around the digger area you just need to cut the trees to make that area clear on river sand. The cutter is attached to the excavator for your help in unique excavator game. In this mission of bridge work you are assigned the task of dig area for the pipelines by dragging the claw down in the area of digger simulator. The cement is laying there for the construction this time the duty is given to use to load the cement in the loading truck and drop it to the highlighted place in cargo crane and enjoy the work of digging, breaking, cutting, destroy, lifting and pushing. In this level of amphibious excavator you have to use the excavator to break the tunnel wall. In this drills stones you have to break 3 to 4 pillars to move to the next task. One of the builders has contacted to you for the demolishing of the old house with the help of heavy machinery. This time you have to demolish the house in old rocks. There are demolished walls now you need to break these walls in safari works. Here in this level of bulldozer simulator you have to use the bulldozer to clear the stones that are blocking the river path. At this moment the assigned mission is to load boxes on the loader truck and drop in. The road is cracked in crane operator you have to break this road so you can make a new road at this place. These are the random missions you can enjoy the full life of a builder in this excavator adventure. Excavator Simulator 2019 Features: ★ Play our excavator forestry work for FREE on any Android device ★ Many hours of free fun of gigantic crane construction ★ Enjoy super immersive environment and realistic sound effects. ★ Finish all levels, with different objectives and challenges. ★ Realistic environment and amazing graphics of construction work ★ Addictive and easy game play of uphill excavator work Download & play construction simulator and have fun! Do not forget to rate us or give us feedback! #Excavatorsimulator #Dozeroyunları #Kepçeoperatörü

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