The Kiffness x Kyro (Singing Cat) - Kitty Caught a Mouse

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Available on all streaming platforms here: Original video by @leoandkyro (Tiktok & IG): EUROPE TOUR 2023 TICKETS: 2 Sept - London 4 Sept - Amsterdam 5 Sept - Liége 6 Sept - Paris 7 Sept - Munich 9 Sept - Stuttgart 10 Sept - Frankfurt 11 Sept - Berlin 12 Sept - Hamburg 13 Sept - Leipzig 14 Sept - Bremen 17 Sept - Warsaw 19 Sept - Prague 21 Sept - Vienna 🎵 The Kiffness on Spotify: 👕 Kiffness Merchandise: Follow The Kiffness on socials: ​ @thekiffness LYRICS: Kitty caught a mouse, and he brought it to the house He's so very proud. We'll sing his kitty song loud When a kitty hunt he hunt for show Gotta prove he can live solo When kitty was a hunter long ago He had to run fast no he can’t go slow Whether in the sunshine or the snow Gotta catch a mouse gotta he go go go Kitty jump high then he get down low Kitty still a pet but he’s a hunting pro #TheKiffness #KittyCaughtAMouse Search Words (ignore): Cats, Domestic Cat, Cute Cats, Cute Pets, Viral Cats, Viral Cat Song, Ableton, Trumpet, Guitar, Keyboard, AKAI Mini, Brass Instrument, Poolside, Live Looping, The Kifness, David Scott, Cape Town, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Baby Calm Down, Calm Down, Rave and Roses, African Song, Afro, Afro Soul, Afro Rhythm, Comedy, Parody, Funny Song, Mouse, Rat, Mice, Rats, Crying Song, Toy Mouse, Cat Toys, Singing Cat, Viral Tiktok, Viral Pets

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