Marchuk & Zapasnikova in Gayane - 2010 Vaganova graduation performance watch in HD

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Video shows ballet Gayane performed on Vaganova graduation performance 2010, with two very special graduates. They are not as talked about as 2011 grads, Olga Smirnova and Kristina Shapran, but they are equally or even more remarkable. First one, Oksana Marchuk is easy to recognise because of her irresistable smile, which can't be missed even if you sit in in the balcony of Mariinsky Theatre. I can swear that everything is getting brighter when she smiles. But even her smile can't outshine her other qualities - contagious joy of dancing and musical sensibility which allows her to express all nuances of the music. These are things that can't be taught, even in Vaganova Academy. It is her personality what makes her so special. The other is Valeria Zapasnikova, who has everything that ballerina should have: she's musical, emotional and expressive. In Gayane she performed two different roles and in both she was remarkable. In famous Sabre Dance she was like fire, in Aishe's adagio she wa

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