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ONLYCANS IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON STEAM! Yes, it's marked as *adult* but it's just about soft drinks, honestly. Seriously though, not for kids. I was recent approached by a very dear friend of mine, a game developer, and asked to produce a theme song for the game he and his team were developing. I, being the wonderful friend I am was delighted at the prospect of helping a friend in their creative endeavours. Then I played the game. 'OnlyCans: Thirst Date' is a game where you befriend and photograph a colourful cast of carbonated chromium companions and that is all I am prepared to say about it. In all seriousness it's an incredibly well made little game and completely free on Steam and , with planned free DLCs for the rest of the year. It's very silly, more than a little naughty and totally just about soft drinks. If you're of sound mind and legal age I thoroughly recommend you check it out. #OnlyCans ----- Check out the full Stupendium originals p

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