Jimmy Page goes bowling funny story

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During a tour with Led Zeppelin, the band found themselves in a small town with some free time on their hands. Looking for a bit of entertainment, they decided to visit a local bowling alley. Jimmy Page, known for his love of the sport, was particularly excited about the outing. As the band arrived at the bowling alley, they noticed a group of enthusiastic fans already inside, enjoying a game. Not wanting to disrupt their fans' experience, they decided to rent out a separate lane in a more secluded area of the alley. Page, eager to show off his bowling skills, stepped up to the lane with confidence. However, much to his surprise, his first throw resulted in a gutter ball—no pins were knocked down. The band members erupted into laughter, teasing Page about his less-than-stellar start. Undeterred by the initial setback, Page took it in good spirits and jokingly blamed the slippery bowling shoes for his mishap. He continued playing, determined to improve his performance. With each subseq

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