In Hearts Wake - Hollow Bone (plo )

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Hollow Bone (plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ) from the new album INCARNATION out July 12th on @unfdcentral. Listen & Pre-Order: Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Josh Schroeder Music & Lyrics by In Hearts Wake Director: Jake Taylor & Elder Executive Producer: Elder Associate Producer: Chrissy McHugh Writer: Jake Taylor Cinematographer: Calum Riddell Additional footage: Colin Jeffs 1st AC: Steph Furdek Steadicam: Jonathan Baker Gaffer: Marcel Breed Best Person: Abigail Wu Best Person: Adrian Wulf Production & Costume Design: Anna Gardiner Art Assist: Ellie Chessell Art Assist: Amélie James Makeup Artist: Tania Strange Editor/Colourist/VFX: Kez Ellis-Jones On Set Editor / Prelim assembly edit: Rodrigo Badoino Title Design: Milan Chagoury Title Animation: Evgeniy Kaurov Equipment hire: Camera Hire & Gear Haus Seer: Ann Earle Owl: Hedwig I know that the land is a living memory. Forever giving energy to those who lived and died before me. Drawn towards the ancient call. What is alive is always evermore. Fireflies of night. Dark distortion of the light. Take away my name. Face the violent downpour of the rain. Wash away the pain. When will we set fire from within? Burning beneath borrowed skin. This cage is not my home. Until we’re so numb from the pain. We bury all that remain. This life is not my own. Hollow Bone. All I know is that the mind and the body disappear. The infinite threshold drawing near. Break the grave of self-decay. The vision given it is ever clear. Threading the needleless eye. Sucking the marrow inside. Taking the oath that you swore. Living for more. What would you die for? #InHeartsWake #Incarnation #UNFD

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