Chester by Drone | 4K Drone Footage | England, UK

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Chester by Drone | 4K Drone Footage | England, UK Welcome to this aerial tour by drone! This 4k video was recorded during our trip to Chester, England in October 2022. I truly enjoyed travelling to Chester, and I hope you will also enjoy this drone footage. In this drone video, you will see a lot of major tourist attractions and sightseeing of Chester from above. About Chester: English settlement with the status of a city, modern Chester is the centre of the unitary established in 2009, which has united Vale Royal, Neston, Ellesmere, Port Chester and Chester itself. Located slightly above the mouth of the Deal River, Chester has become a major railroad junction and trade centre. Despite its modest size, Chester is one of the most visited cities in England. Its history goes back more than two thousand years. The city has been founded by the Romans and for a long time has been the most important military camp of the Roman Empire. Buildings of different eras have preserved

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