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Personal pronouns (subject pronouns and object pronouns) can get confusing sometimes, and should be approached with all seriousness to ensure that you don't end up mixing them up. Thus, for the present lesson on Twi subject pronouns, and that on object pronouns, I go beyond just listing the pronouns. I begin by explaining what the concepts are, situating them within the English context to give you a better understanding before the list and usage examples. By doing so, it is my hope that even if you didn't know what subject or object pronouns were in your language, you get to know about them and apply that knowledge to Twi. You may support my work by donating any amount here: Need Twi study materials? Visit our e-store: You may find our other lessons on Twi pronouns here: You will find the text version of the present lesson here: Check other text lessons on our website: If you need to look up a word in Twi, please visit our online Twi dictionary: You may join other Twi learners on our Facebook page: ABOUT THIS CHANNEL Learn Twi with my effective Twi language lessons! Hi, my name is Stephen Awiba, known here as Yaw (I'm a proud Thursday born :)). I started the LearnAkan project in 2016, aimed at promoting the reading, writing, and speaking of the Akan language around the world. The project, so far, comprises of: 1. the free Twi e-learning website: 2. the online English-Twi dictionary: 3. the Facebook page: 4. this YouTube channel. Here, you will find lessons touching on Twi grammar, Twi vocabulary, Commonly-used Twi phrases, Twi conversational skills, Twi pronunciation skills, as well as general videos about Ghana, the Akan people and their culture. Nice to meet you! Akwaaba! ABOUT () is a free e-learning website dedicated to helping people from around the world to read, write, and speak the Akan language of Ghana, in a simple, fun manner. Founded in June 2016 by Stephen Awiba (Yaw), the website features a wide range of useful text lessons touching on Twi Grammar, Twi vocabulary, commonly-used Twi phrases, Twi conversational skills, Twi pronunciation skills, and general topics on Ghana, the Akan people, and their culture. ABOUT () is your ultimate online destination for English to Twi and Twi to English translations. The website was launched on March 6, 2018 (commemorating Ghana's 61st independence anniversary) to form part of the broader LEARNAKAN project. is ideal for Twi learners of all levels, linguists, and other professionals who use the Twi dialect of the Akan language in their lines of work. STEPHEN AWIBA (YAW) ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook:

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