S1E3.4. The first clash between Ibrahim and Hurrem. Hurrem teases Mahidevran. English voiceover

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Magnificent Century Season 1 Episode 3 Part 4 English voiceover The first clash between Ibrahim and Hurrem. Mahidevran blames Suleiman for Mustafa’s behavior. Nigar Kalfa warns and instructs Hurrem. Hurrem’s monologue. Hurrem teases Mahidevran for the first time, observing decency. Where are you going? You cannot enter here without telling us. Go back at once. The Sultan is waiting. You will go when I tell you to go and come when I tell you to come. Do you understand, Hürrem Hatun? Now go. Who are you? Sultan Süleyman is waiting for me. Hürrem, come If the Concierge says no there must be a reason. No, I’m not coming. Nigar Kalfa! Take this fool away now. Hürrem, come. His Majesty is busy with his harem. Go away immediately. Mustafa is hurt. He is going on about not wanting a sibling. His problem is not me, it’s you. He doesn’t want to share his father’s love. My Mustafa is just like me. Mother and son, we do not know how to share. Look, be careful about what happened today. You are a favourite. Behave like one. They will try to draw you into a fight. They will want you to make a mistake. Don’t tangle with them. And change your crazy attitude. Don’t fight everyone. You even argued with İbrahim. He is not like the others. It will end badly for you. Get on well with him. Listen to whatever he says. Don’t bother Mahidevran either. Whomever gives birth to a prince wins. That’s the rule. Don’t go to war against a thousand years of tradition. You are telling me to be stupid. Yes, would it kill you to act that way? Yes, it would. Look, go to your room quietly. If anyone says anything don’t answer and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Sweet dreams, Sultan Hatice. I will not speak of my grief to anyone. I will not share it. I will scream my troubles to deep wells. I will pour them into the sea. The waves will take them away. I will answer everything that hurts me with laughter. I will shed my tears only for my family. I am Alexandra La Rossa. I will transform this slave girl into a lady and fight my fate. I will become Sultan Hürrem. Good morning. Have you swallowed your tongues? Hürrem, come. Never mind, eat up. Forget them. They have taken the gold and sold me out. I have sent word to the shipyard. They are beginning work on the narrow fleet. Let’s see what they produce. At some point I will go and see. The foundry has sent word that they are ready. Let’s cross by boat tonight. And see the foundry. Let’s not go during the day. Everyone will know. The preparations must continue in secret, Pargalı. Then we should go in disguise, Your Majesty. We should go out in disguise during the day and go around the bazaar. How do we disguise the guards in daylight? That is your problem. I want to walk among my people. Make way! My lion cub has come! - How are you Hatice? - We are well. Mustafa wanted to see you. He was praised by his teacher today. - Well done. What are these, Father? Can I have those stones? Not these stones, son. We’re playing mangala. Play with me then. I will learn fast. All right, then. Sit here. Here you go. But you can’t leave when you start to lose. Here we go. Now you place four stones in every hole in front of you. Alexandra! Who is the teacher of this Russian concubine? She is to be taught some respect and manners. magnificent century episodes english voiceover

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