Is Putin the new Voldemort Ralph Fiennes on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and cancel culture

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#Mikhail Zygar #RussiaUkraine #interview #Ralph Fiennes Third issue of “After Tomorrow” is an interview with the famous actor Ralph Fiennes. Of course, this conversation is on the war between Russia and Ukraine. How will it affect Russian art? Can all Russians be “cancelled” in the West? And will the emigrants return to their homeland? 0:00 Ralph Fiennes, British actor, director and producer, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador 13:45 Where was the USSR filmed for “The White Crow” about Nureyev 17:43 Righteous Wrath and “All Russians Are Responsible” 21:00 Emotions like candy and devaluation of political discourse 24:52 “Schindler’s List” and the threat of growing nationalism in Europe 32:00 Insults to Russians in The King's Man 35:53 How is Voldemort different from Putin 39:00 Shame or greatness of empire? 46:00 Sergei Polunin’s prejudices and tattoos 49:12 Russia and J.K. Rowling in Cancel Culture 54:51 Right politicians? 57:57 Support for the Gift of Life Foundation For Russian please go to Russia Ukraine war that could reshape the world. Bucha. How will the crimes of the Russian army affect the attitude toward Russians? Eugene Onegin and the White Crow. Emigration from Russia. Will we ever be able to return to homeland? The media in Russia. How do free journalists survive? Boris Johnson and his statements about the war. How does Europe assess what is happening? Is Russia now being compared to the Reich? Russia and the West. How quickly can relations get better? Why is Schindler’s List worth rewatching now? Is every man capable of inhuman cruelty? Does Vladimir Putin look like Voldemort? Will the war affect the cinema? How foreign countries treat Russian stars who support aggression. Sergei Polunin and his fate in art. Chulpan Khamatova and the future of the Gift of Life Foundation. How will it affect Russian art?

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