Satisfying & Creative Circle Dumpling # 878bread rolls, puff pastry, bun shapes, 1ice cake #shorts

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👉Wellcome to my channel ♥1ice Cake♥ 👉Satisfying & Creative Circle Dumpling # 878🍞Bread Rolls, Puff Pastry, Bun Shapes, Pizza And Pasta, 1ice Cake ▽How to make dumplings or Ways to wrap dumpling . This video shows how to form stuffed dough products. Methods for wraping dumplings. and There are a lot of ways to shape the meat in the dough. The names of such dishes in different countries are different, but the essence is the same. We hope that you can find at least one option for yourself that you like and use it. Here are shown ideas on how to do this, and how to do it is up to you. 👉Thank you for watching the videos please subscribe to our channel And share this video with your friends if you like it. ! 💖💖💖 ▽1ice Cake | Easy And Yummy Dough Pastry Recipes | Satisfying Cake Decoration | Food Ideas To Improve Your Cooking #Satisfying #Cake #Decorating #SoTasty​ #CakeIdeas #Perfec

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