[CNY Rap Song 2015] Happy Paint Goat Goat 喜漆羊羊 - mumu ngui, jestinna ft happypolla

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我觉得我蛮幸运的 =‘)老天爷有听到我的祈祷 感恩* 第一个 CNY MV 上载 FB 不到 2 天就已经 8k shared 150k views. 可以有那么厉害的团队一起弄,最难得的是大家都有共通的信念,- “大胆 创新” 。 因为我对每一年几乎一样的新年歌/广告厌倦了,(请不要误会,不是说我比较好,只是纯粹希望想看到新东西)曾经答应过自己将来如果有了一点能力,一定要亲自为大家带来一些不一样的。没想到好事既然一件接一件的发生了,和大家坐下来开会时,大家既然都对这概念一致!最重要是遇见了我的恩人 - Candy Lee 感谢她的提拔, 让这一切一气呵成! 祝大家 HAPPY PAINT GOAT GOAT! 还是那一句,你们的木木 - 我,会一直努力,虚心学习,继续为大家带来更多 “奇怪“ 的作品! “梦想是免费的,所以请不要客气“ - 木木 I'm really lucky = ' ) I think God has heard my prayers! Our CNY MV “Happy Paint Goat Goat 喜漆羊羊“ has reached 8000 shared 150,000 views in only two days after we uploaded to facebook. This music video was shoot in Penang, I appreciated the opportunity to work with all these amazing and talented people, (happypolla, Jestinna, UnispaceTV and more) I have learned so much from them. most importantly, as a team - we all shared the same belief - to be bold and be innovative . Because I think almost every year a lot of us been working on the similar CNY Ads and CNY music, (please don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I am better but I just like to see more fresh idea in this industry) I once promised myself one day I would have our own version of CNY MV, just to bring something new to the society and to my viewers. I will keep working hard and create more interesting videos to you all! thank you for the support throughout the years, I cannot thank you enough! I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, good health and lasting prosperity, HAPPY PAINT GOAT GOAT! I hope you guys enjoy our original. like, subscribe, share and enjoy! “stop hating and start loving“ mumu ngui (Malaysia YouTube Partner) mumu's Facebook ► mumungui mumu's Instagram ► @mumungui email: mumugalleries@ (business inquiries)

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