By request: POLK Audio R700 soundtest

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Short video of POLK Audio R700 playing some music. Connected with Musical Fidelity M6PRE/PRX combo and Bluesound Node 2i as a source. Short impression about the speakers: Big speakers - big sound. Starting from the highs, I would describe them as not too bright like some Klipsch have, but detailed enough to hear all the nuances of the recording. Midrange is very full and a bit boosted, compared to some other neutral sounding speakers like ELACs. Vocal and instruments sound very live, but can be a bit too dominant in some recordings. Maybe different amplifier would help to balance it a bit. Low frequencies are really strong and detailed. They are not boomy as I was expecting from such size. It's just fast and tight bass. I would like them go a bit lower, but that's not a big issue, if good subwoofer would be paired with them. And hell they are powerfull speakers! Needs a good amplifier, but then they can go as loud as you wish without any distortion.

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