Saint - Champagne Shots (Official Video)

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Check out Champagne Shots on Streaming Platforms 🥂🎧 Subscribe to the channel and hit 🔔 to get notifications Follow Sainté on Instagram: Written & Performed by @ Visuals by @arran__a Produced by @parkerjazzz Mixed & Mastered by @the_wave_godz Lyrics: I'm that same old brudda with the steeze In a baped outfit got a shark on the hood of my top and an ape on my tee Been a min since I linked with the bro said link up soon let's talk over tea These days it's all about flex and talk but bro I'm tryna make this P I got a text from bro in Cali telling me sit tight his gonna make me a beat In a gaff with a stylish babe on a stylish date tryna make me a treat She tryna talk bout rovers it's over I'm tryna bag this dream 2 secs let me take this call I gotta skeet real soon tryna pattern this G It's been OT nights a bit far from the den tryna get big checks and my cash flow steep A couple boys on the block Man the feds been lapping on locals and socials now it's looking all hot Tell the yutes just stay off the violence and make P’s don’t worry bout crops I'm just keeping it real, man you know my deal trust me big words to my pops In the yard in ends with the broski man you know me taking champagne shots Don’t talk like you know my ting when you're around my ting I’ll send you to the shops My bro just came uptown in the latest trends with a few odd cops In a vintage whip, just gliding stay sliding in a coupe drop-top Ayy... Baby girl I got tea no tea, no Tetley Wait tell me why you never come check me You tell me that I’m way too spendy Wait babes I’m just too flexi I got eyes on my chest that’s Fendi Step to a high-class rave with a glass in my hand and I’m still in a tech fleece My bro got a coupe that's a Bentley Money come nice get plenty Got a foreign lil baddie in the crew with a face caked up but you know that’s Fenti Took a snap in the E class coupe, now she tryna ask who’s picking up in the Benzi Come off that flex man I not tryna flirt man you know I’m just friendly These times man I might rock the loubs on the way to her crib so she knows I step pricey Her old man left like a weirdo I’m hero man he ain’t nothing like me Can’t force my flex at the function do it nicely be subtle man lightly Got my game in like 010 but man yg’s I’m in love with the 90s Don’t show me no stripes my bro man that's not like me, I only step in the Nikeys True say my bro got a check but I said Lowe it man just spend that wisely Don’t flex your checks on Snapchat or IG, Don't do it on IG Lowe it bro, yeah don't do it on IG. #Sainte #ChampagneShots #UKrap

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