Will it Start and Operate RayGo GIANT super grader

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Welcome back to the channel. I spent the May long weekend in Devon, Alberta where there is home to a massive collection of antique earth moving equipment. Among the collection is a RayGo GIANT super motor grader. In this video lets see if we can get it running and operating again?? It has been sitting 10-15 years. There were 7 GIANTS built not including the prototype, The “Harris Blade“ as we call it was the first one built followed by the 7 GIANT's. This particular machine is the last one built, serial number 7, and used to belong to Morsky Construction here in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Harris Blade still lives and is in California. 3 other GIANTS that we know of are located in South Carolina, South Dakota, and North Dakota, the other 3 we do not know if they have survived or not. If you know of one anywhere drop a comment below. RayGo Inc., was best known for its compactors, ventured into the super grader market in 1969 with the introduction of the RayGo GIANT. Weighing 53 tons, or 10

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