Slime Rancher Any% Glitchless Speedrun in 12:58

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9 months after the first sub 14, sub 13 has finally been done! This was only attempt 5 of the day, and I hadn't played much in the past few weeks so I made a few mistakes in the second half of the run due to being rusty. But overall a good run and I got all the rng I wanted. For this route, a time under 13:50 would be really good. I'll probably try beat this in the future, but for now I'll be running other categories and games. In theory another 20-40 (rough estimate) seconds can be saved with a brand new route. Although the route requires lots of luck so I don't think I'll be attempting it for the foreseeable future. I accidently reset my timer in the run, so I added a new timer on top for this video. The raw footage with the original timer can be found here: Speedrun Leaderboards: Slime Rancher Speedrun Discord: Want to learn the speedrun? I have a guide

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