Best Slow Blues Playlist - Beautiful Relaxing Blues Music - The Most Emotional Blues Music For You

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#slowblues #jazzblues #bluesrock #bluesmusic Best Slow Blues Playlist - Beautiful Relaxing Blues Music - The Most Emotional Blues Music For You Tracklist: #1 Elevator To Heaven - Chris Bell Single tune: #2 It's Been So Long - Blues Underground Single tune: #3 Need Her So Bad - Aynsley Lister Single tune: #4 Trouble - Blues Brandon Lane Single tune: #5 Ain't Enough Whiskey - D Man Single tune: #6 When A Woman Loves A Man - Ketty Lester Single tune: #7 Money Is The Name of The Game - Buster Benton Single tune: #8 Blues Has Got Me - Pete Gage Single tune: #9 Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton Single tune: #10 The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. king Single tune: #11 Cold Hearted Woman - Chris Bell & 100%Blues Single tune: #12 Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Big Daddy Wilson Single tune: #13 Black Paris Blues - Mighty Mo Rodgers Single tune: #14 Still Got The Blues - Backing Track Single tune: #15 Lonely Bed - Albert Cummings Single tune: #16 The Blues Ain't Never Gonna Die - Mike Griffin Single tune: #17 The Dream - Blues Cousins Single tune: #18 Blues Forever - Larry Miller Single tune: #19 The Day the Blues Came to Call - Teresa James Single tune: #20 Blue Eyed Angel Blues - Ryan McGarvey Single tune: #21 Devil In You - Celso Salim Band Single tune: #22 Midnight Healing - Gene Deer Single tune: #23 Crazy - Lara Price Single tune: #24 Chains and Things - Joe Bonamassa Single tune: #25 I Remember You - Eilen Jewell Single tune: #26 Married To The Blues - Danielle Nicole & The Nortons Single tune: #27 If I Ever Loved Another Woman - Big Wolf Band Single tune: #28 Love Is Rough Business - Mystery Train Single tune: #29 Don't Let Me Down - Paolo Nutini Single tune: #30 Bad Weather Blues - Midnight Club Blues Band Single tune: #31 House Of The Rising Sun - Roxy Perry Single tune: #32 I Love You More You'll Ever Know - Oli Brown Single tune: #33 It Ain't Right - Electrofied Single tune: #34 Softly Let Me Kiss Your Lips - Murali Coryell Single tune: #35 A Little Crazy Sometime - Tony Tucker Single tune: #36 Thunder In The Distance - Monster Mike Welch Band Single tune: #37 She Moves Me - Delta Cross Band Single tune: #38 Ball and Chain - Terrie Odabi Single tune: #39 Blue Because Of You - Blues 'n' Trouble Single tune: #40 Cheatin' Hand - Greg Serrato Single tune: ✔ Don's Tunes | Blues & Jazz [1] [1] [1] ✔ [1] ✔ Don's Tunes | Blues & Jazz [1] [1] ✔ [1] ✔ Don's Tunes | Blues & Jazz Explorations | [1] Don's Tunes | Blues & Jazz Music Promotion | YouTube, Spotify, Social We produce these compilations with the intention of serving our fans and audiences. Everyone, please support us as well as support Donts Tunes' own channel. All songs on our channel are found on Don'sTunes channel. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. We do not own the copyright on the audio tracks used. ▶️ Don's Tunes on Youtube: ▶️ Don's Tunes on Spotify ▶️ Don's Tunes on Facebook: ▶️ #Blues #SlowBlues #Blues-rock & Jazz Group: ▶️ Don's Tunes on Instagram: ▶️ Don's Tunes on Twitter: If there are any problems in copyright, please contact us via Gmail: manager@

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