2 minutes ago! Turkey closes all schools! Stone-sized hailstorm fell on Istanbul!

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Residents of Istanbul, Turkey were taken by surprise as a sudden hailstorm hit the city on Friday afternoon. The storm, which lasted for approximately 20 minutes, resulted in traffic chaos and property damage. Videos and images shared on social media showed hailstones the size of golf balls hitting the streets and vehicles, causing dents and cracks. The storm also caused flooding in some areas of the city. Local authorities dispatched emergency services to affected areas to assist those i n need. Despite the severity of the storm, no injuries or casualties have been reported. The hailstorm is said to have been caused by a cold front moving in from the Balkans, bringing low temperatures and precipitation to the region. Istanbul residents have been advised to take necessary precautions and to stay indoors where possible during extreme weather conditions. This is not the first time Istanbul has experienced extreme weather conditions. The hailstorm serves as a reminder of the impor

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