The EASIEST Way To Paint Miniature Figures

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My friends, tonight we'll look at a figure painting technique so easy it feels like cheating! It's nothing new in the miniature painting world, but it might be a game-changer for armor and diorama modelers. Patreon: Enjoying this type of content? Well, if you're new here, then don't be shy to subscribe and maybe even turn on notifications because I keep posting stuff like this every week! Disclaimer: Most of the weathering products I use in my videos such as Ammo by Mig Jimenez, AK-Interactive, Wilder and VMS were sent to me for free, but with no obligations to promote them. I received a lot of them a long time ago, even before I started this channel. VMS is also one of my Patreon supporters. Being independent from big and exclusive sponsorship deals and showing you a wide variety of different brands and products was one of the founding ideas of this channel and I will always stand by this. Music: Quincas Moreira

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