How to make a song with your neighbour's cat (Let Me In)

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Ever wondered how to collab with the noisy cat next door? This simple 9 step video will show you how to do that 😸 EUROPE TOUR 2023 TICKETS: 2 Sept - London 4 Sept - Amsterdam 5 Sept - Liége 6 Sept - Paris 7 Sept - Munich 9 Sept - Stuttgart 10 Sept - Frankfurt 11 Sept - Berlin 12 Sept - Hamburg 13 Sept - Leipzig 14 Sept - Bremen 17 Sept - Warsaw 19 Sept - Prague 21 Sept - Vienna Available now on all streaming platforms: Original video by @piko298 on Instagram: Cat Solo: 🎵 The Kiffness on Spotify: 👕 Kiffness Merchandise: Follow The Kiffness on socials: ​ @thekiffness LYRICS: Don't you know that I'm trying to get to you Trying to get, trying to get through But I don't know how to get to you Hey friend, I'm just checking in Hey friend, I don't know where you've been Hey friend, won't you let me in? #TheKiffness #SingingCat #TalkingCat Search Words (ignore): The Kiffness, Singing Cat, Talking Cat, Fence Cat, Funny Cat, Dancing Cat, More Cowbell, Will Ferrell, Toto Africa, Toto, Bless the rains, bongos, cowbell, trumpet, beat, MPK, Ableton, Live Looping, Parody, Funny Song, The Kifness, South Africa, Alugalug Cat, Big Billy, Cat Jams, Japanese Cat, Cats of Instagram, Cats of Youtube

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