Telephone and Tayerr Goof Off Before a Panel - AnthroCon 2017

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The lady running the “Fursuit Acting 101“ panel was running late. While we were waiting, Telephone and Tayerr showed up. Knowing that shenanigans were about to ensue, I did what any sensible person would have done. I filmed it. For those who are new to my channel, welcome! This video is not really the norm for me; it was just kind of a filler video. Apparently it blew up. Which is great! So, feel free to take a look at some of my other content and see what you like. =) More Furry Videos: FAQ: What is all this? AnthroCon is what's known as a “furry“ convention, which is a convention for people who are fans of cartoon animals. Some people, like those depicted in the video, choose to dress up as cartoon animals. These “fursuit performers“ create a character with their costume, usually for entertaining those around them. It's a lot of fun, and I was very fortunate to be able to capture these two skilled performers practicing their craft. How is Telephone making those noises? Ino89777, the performer who created Telephone, uses a custom-made squeaker made from a blend of (I think) 5 different bird calls. Where can I get a suit like these? You can buy a pre-made one via sites like FurBuy or eBay, or you can get one custom-made by a fursuit maker (a freelance costume creator). You can find fursuit makers on FurAffinity, Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt, or Etsy. However, you can't get Telephone or a Tayerr suit; every fursuit is unique, and the suit owners are very particular about who can use their characters. Why does Tayerr have a white ring around their nose? I thought only Telephone could have that. The ring around the nose is only a rule for Dutch Angel Dragons. Tayerr is not a Dutch Angel Dragon, so it doesn't matter. Subscribe: My Channel: SoundCloud: Twitter: Check out my VoxFX tutorial videos, where I teach people how to make great vocal recordings, use vocal special effects, and create voice-like sounds. I also create songs, and share advice relating to music-making, sound design, and creativity. I believe that anyone can be creative, and can make amazing things, with the right tools. My goal is to give people those tools, and level them up. =) New videos usually on Friday afternoons. For status updates, check out my Twitter. A bit about me: I'm an amateur mixing engineer, musician, and songwriter. I make all of my music myself, though I'm always up for a collaboration (message me if you're interested). For the record, my full name is Shaloxeroligon. Musician Discord chat: WARNING: This channel contains ponies! I will try to keep the pony content separate from the non-pony content.

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