Rollingstone Creek Vincent 'Bushy' Parker Park Rollingstone North Queensland Australia Wild Biotope.

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Rollingstone Creek is situated about 40 minutes drive north of Townsville, it has a beautiful creek running along side the park and is a popular swimming hole for most travellers that stop at the camping grounds right next to it, I first stopped at this place on the way up north but there didn't seem to be many fish so I left, on the way back down south I stopped to get some scenery shots and explored further down stream only to find there was plenty of fish life and a good variation from the shallows to the deeper parts of the creek, it is then when I stopped and thought with the brackish water fish there could be Crocodiles, still in the shallows it's a beautiful place to stop and rest, but be careful further down stream. The fish species in the shallows mainly consisted of: Eastern Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia splendida splendida), Empire Gudgeon (Hypseleotris compressa), Unspecked Hardyhead (Craterocephalus fulvus), Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa). In the deep

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