DUEL (1971): making Duel trucks Peterbilt 281 and miniature action movie set. Full video, tutorial.

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0:02 Build the Peterbilt 281 model 3:44 Build the tanker trailer model 5:26 Build the Plymouth Valliant model 6:46 Build the Mesa Canyon set 9:16 Shooting day 9:59 Before / After color grading 10:13 Music composing 10:28 Fun facts ! Making Duel truck (1971) Peterbilt 281 and a realistic movie set including miniatures of the Plymouth Valiant car and the California Mesa Canyon diorama. Handmade full tutorial. We built both car and truck in 1:18 and in 1:24 scale models. We used 3D Printing for the truck cabs and the tanker trailers. Full tutorial to film the truck crash ending scene just like in Steven Spielberg's first movie in 1971. We shot the truck and car crash stunt in slow motion with 5 cameras: - 3x Sony A7S III at 240 fps HD - 1x Freefly Wave at 300 fps 4K - 1x Gopro 9 Black at 200 fps HD Slowed down and upscaled during the editing.

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