Papa Meri Jaan : A Cover by Mohd Rafi (AI) | Ranbir, Anil, Rashmika | Sandeep |Sonu Nigam |Bhushan K

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This cover version is created only to explore and marvel at emerging technology and not to show any disrespect to singers and artists of present days or past. We deeply value and acknowledge the incredible talent and contributions of these artists, and our intention is solely to celebrate their work through our exploration of technology. We aim to pay homage to their artistry and honor their legacy in a respectful manner. Notice: YouTube Video Introduction Welcome to our YouTube video! This demo aims to highlight the services available at , where we offer AI-generated songs in your own voice. The purpose of this video is to showcase the potential of our service in making music accessible to everyone. By utilizing familiar voices, we strive to make our case easily comprehensible for the majority of viewers. If you are a stakeholder and have any concerns or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending a message. Furthermore, we want to emphasize that the music content provided in this video is purely for demonstration purposes. If you believe that any of the content infringes upon your copyright, kindly contact me directly so that we can promptly address and resolve the matter. Thank you for watching and your continued support! Original Credit: AUDIO CREDITS: SINGER - SONU NIGAM LYRICS - RAJ SHEKHAR MUSIC DIRECTOR - HARSHAVARDHAN RAMESHWAR WHISTLING - DAVY SURESH KUMAR SOLO VIOLIN - SANDILYA PISAPATI FEMALE CHOIRS - APARNA HARIKUMAR, SUSHMITA NARASIMHAN, AISHWARYA KUMAR, ANJANA BALAKRISHNAN, MALE CHOIRS - ABHIJIHT RAO, GOVIND PRASAD, SUDHARSAN HEMARAM, AKASH V H PROGRAMMING BY - HARSHAVARDHAN RAMESHWAR CHOIRS & ORCHESTRA ARRANGED B - JAGANMOHAN ASSIST -JAYAPRAKASH VOCALS RECORDED BY - PRAMOD CHANDORKAR & KITTU MAYAKAL @ SOUNDIDEAZ STUDIOS MIX & MASTERED BY SHADAB RAYEEN AT NEW EDGE@MUMBAI ASSISTANT MIX ENGINEER: PUKHRAJ, ANUP & EHSAN MUSIC LABEL - T-SERIES

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