GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Новые приключения бандитов и мошенников

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GTA Online: «Further Adventures in Finance and Felony» (Official Trailer) Ever since you first stepped off that flight to Los Santos, it’s been all about rising up the criminal ranks, accruing wealth in your Maze Bank account, building a reputation, and taking no mess along the way… Now, realize your goal to become the ultimate kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County. Build an empire as a CEO. Traffic illicit cargo and contraband. Disrupt rival supply chains. Acquire extravagant new vehicles. Open prestigious new offices. Hire an executive assistant. And run the town, one hostile takeover at a time. Watch the official trailer above and get ready for GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony coming next week Tuesday June 7. If you have your own tips, share them in the comments. Follow the news on our channel Grand Theft Auto Online. Stay with us to learn about further developments in the world of GTA Online and details about future events. https://www.f

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